Decision Making for the 21st Century

What is the GDSI?

The DTU Global Decision Support Initiative (GDSI) is an interdisciplinary knowledge center for risk, sustainability, and decision support at the Technical University of Denmark.

Why the GDSI?

The GDSI has been established in response the tremendous challenges facing global society in the quest of sustainable developments. Globalization, climate change and diminishing resources are boundary conditions to which decision makers and stakeholder’s at all societal scales must react and adapt – and time is an issue. To cope with this situation necessitates science based decision support with a focus on sustainability and risks and due consideration of the significant uncertainties and lack of knowledge affecting the outcome of the decision making.

Organisation of the GDSI

GDSI is an interdepartmental competence center at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The main contributing departments are DTU Management, acting as a lead department, DTU Civil EngineeringDTU ComputeDTU EnvironmentDTU Food and Transport DTU.

GDSI's strategic leadership is provided by an internal Steering Committee, the Rules of Procedure and its Appendix and successive Action Plans.

Research and project activities are the main responsibility of our staff, formed by selected Professors from the contributing departments and GDSI's own research personnel. To ensure the highest quality in its work, GDSI includes an international Expert Network, which provides scientific and practical knowledge on decision making in different areas of expertise.


GDSI Main Contact

Michael Zwicky Hauschild
DTU Sustain
+45 45 25 46 64